Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.2.1 +  PowerSearch Beta + Transcriptive.com Beta

Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.2.1 +  PowerSearch Beta + Transcriptive.com Beta

Transcriptive, automatic transcribing software for Premiere Pro, has been updated with many bug fixes and a few enhancements. The final beta for PowerSearch, the new Premiere panel for searching all your metadata, is now available as well as a beta for the Transcriptive.com app.

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive

The Transcriptive Suite lets you make the most of turning the dialog of your videos into text. Allowing you to create subtitles/captions, easily search every video in your Premiere project, and collaborate with producers or clients that don't have Premiere. The suite consists of Transcriptive, PowerSearch (beta) and the Transcriptive.com app (beta).

What's new in Transcriptive Panel v1.2.1?

The latest free update to the Transcriptive Premiere panel fixes a lot of bugs (without hopefully adding too many new ones), adds better support for Transcriptive.com, and adds a few more minor improvements.

The highlight tracking is much improved, so if you’re having issues with the highlight going off the screen it’s worth updating.

Update Transcriptive here:

https://www.digitalanarchy.com/downloads/transcriptive_121_Pr.dmg  (Mac)
https://www.digitalanarchy.com/downloads/transcriptive_121_Pr.zip  (Windows)

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PowerSearch (Beta)

The final beta of PowerSearch is available for download. This new panel for Premiere Pro lets you search your entire Premiere project for metadata. It works with Transcriptive and other services like Trint, SpeedScriber, SimonSays and more.
Any metadata, including Transcripts, can be searched. So anything in clip or sequence markers, XMP metadata, data saved by the camera, and of course transcripts saved in metadata is searchable.

Download PowerSearch here:
https://www.digitalanarchy.com/beta/powersearch_10-beta4_Pr.zip (windows)
https://www.digitalanarchy.com/beta/powersearch_10-beta4_Pr.dmg (Mac)

Here’s the beta serial number, that expires Sept. 30th, 2018: 88F3F06B256153D1EC28051C-8CDA

Transcription.com App (Beta)

The Transcriptive.com app is live! You can sign up for the beta at https://app.Transcriptive.com
This lets you send transcripts between Premiere and a web browser, making it easy to send transcripts to a producer or client that doesn’t have Premiere. It also acts as a standalone transcript editor, with all the functionality you have in the Transcriptive Premiere panel. It’s definitely in beta, so send any bug reports to cs@digitalanarchy.com

Posted by Kim Sternisha