Update: Digital Film Tools DFT v1.1 Adds a New Frost Filter, Color Management Options and More

Update: Digital Film Tools DFT v1.1 Adds a New Frost Filter, Color Management Options and More

This update to DFT adds a new Frost diffusion filter,  LUT-format agnostic color managment, 32-bit Photoshop support and more.

DFT (aka Digital Film Tools) is the definitive digital toolbox meant to simulate optical camera filters, specialized lenses, film stocks and grain, lens flares, optical lab processes, color correction, keying, and compositing as well as natural light and photographic effects.

What's new in version 1.1?

  • 32 Bit Photoshop Support – DFT can now be applied to 32 bit images in Photoshop.
  • Frost Filter – A Frost diffusion filter has been added. Frost glows highlights and reduces contrast while softening facial blemishes and wrinkles. It is a combination of the Silk and Mist filters.                   
  • OpenCL GPU Support in Resolve – OpenCL GPU support in Blackmagic Design Resolve was enhanced resulting in significant speed increases. Note: Setting Resolve’s Hardware Configuration > GPU Processing Mode preference from Auto to OpenCL may be necessary on Windows systems to realize the speed increase.
  • Color Management – The Video/Film version of DFT now uses the OpenColorIO standard originally developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks for its color management. OCIO is compatible with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and is LUT-format agnostic, supporting many popular formats. In DFT, you can load custom color configuration files, apply color space conversions, as well as use other controls for fine tuning. The Color Management window is opened by selecting View > Window > Color Management.
  • Frame Selection in Video Browser – A Time Bar was added to the DFT user interface in Video/Film hosts. Moving the slider loads a new frame into the Viewer. Note: The Time Bar is only available in host applications that support this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Lens Flare > Flare Editor – The Lens Flare > Flare Editor button was restored in Windows versions. A recent update mistakenly removed it.

DFT is available in 3 versions:

  • DFT Standalone – a standalone photographic image editor
  • DFT for Photos plug-in
  • DFT for Video/Film plug-in

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Posted by Kim Sternisha