Update: Imagineer Systems mocha v2.6.2 Now Available

New version of mocha, mocha AE & mocha Pro v2.6.2 includes bug fixes. Recommended for all users.

New version of mocha, mocha AE & mocha Pro v2.6.2 is a new update that fixes the following:

  • Activation on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 
  • Tracking skip ahead one frame after stopping
  • Project saving permissions for OSX & Linux
  • Nuke roto import mis-scale issue
  • HD pixel aspect ratios for FCP shape export

mocha Update FAQ:

Q. Do I need a new license? Who qualifies for the free upgrade?
A. If you have an active licenses of the the following products, you do not require a new license:

  • All owners of mocha Pro
  • Owners of mocha v2 and later (full license not mocha AE)
  • Owners of mocha AE v2.5 and later.

Q. I own a mocha AE that ships with Adobe After Effects CS4-CS5.5, can I install the the latest mocha v2.6.2?
A. No, if you are running a version of the Adobe bundled mocha AE CS4, CS5 or CS5.5, your software release support is covered by Adobe. You will need to upgrade to a newer mocha product to receive the point release support.

mocha's unique planar tracker and streamlined interface allows artists to easily track shots where point trackers fail: shots with noise, shots with motion blur and shots that go offscreen or are obscured.

Why mocha? mocha enables artists to quickly and easily solve difficult tracks and export transform, scale, rotation and perspective keyframes to the industry's most popular packages: After Effects, Final Cut, Flame, Smoke , Avid|DS, Quantel, Fusion, Nuke & more. With mocha, tracking screen inserts and stabilizing camera jitter has never been easier. Rotoscope with less keyframes. mocha's advanced ability to create accurate roto shapes with less manual keyframing greatly aids vfx and roto artists to be more efficient.

Posted by Alicia