Update: Innobright Altus Denoising Software v2.3

Update: Innobright Altus Denoising Software v2.3

Innobright decided it was time for a refresh and so they added new features that update the look and feel of Altus Studio.

What is Altus?

Supporting all popular Monte Carlo renderers today, Altus denoising software will remove noise and preserve fine details, allowing you to create sharp renders faster, while saving money.

Altus denoising software puts an end to the dilemma between settling for low-quality renderings for the sake of speed and budget, and expending large amounts of capital for high-quality 3D rendering. Altus denoising software tackles those issues with ease – with crisp, clear, noiseless 3D rendering results, with no long waits, and with significantly reduced costs.

What's new in Altus 2.3?

 With 2.3 you will have an updated layout that is clearer with legible buttons and improved usability. Altus standalone products support denoising Redshift's Single-Pass outputs to denoise with temporal filtering. The new features are designed to make the experience with our interface easier and more intuitive. Here is a short list of the items we've updated:

  • Improved error reporting and messages
  • Support for high Dpi font scaling
  • Updated Graphical User Interface
  • Speed improvement in Altus Studio
  • Miscellaneous usability improvement
  • View your license info from Altus Studio
  • Altus Studio and Altus ServerPro will have Single-Pass

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Posted by Kim Sternisha