Update: Magix Releases VEGAS Pro 16 Update 2 Build 307

Update: Magix Releases VEGAS Pro 16 Update 2 Build 307

MAGIX has released Update 2 Build 307 for VEGAS pro, adding more features for workflow improvements, and of course lots of bug fixes.

The VEGAS Pro software family opens up completely new possibilities for creating professional video and audio productions. Speed up your workflow and take advantage of innovative and creative tools to deliver results at maximum speed.

What's new in Vegas Pro Update 2 Build 307?

New Features

  • The Main Timeline storyboard no longer automatically reacts to changes on the timeline. A Refresh Storyboard button has been added to the Project Media window when viewing a storyboard which enables you to manually match the storyboard to the timeline.
  • A Red warning bar above the Main Timeline storyboard alerts the user when the storyboard is out of sync with the project timeline and must be manually updated.
  • A dialog box warns the user that the Main Timeline storyboard cannot be altered until it is updated to be in sync with the main timeline.
  • A Red warning bar at the edge of storyboard thumbnails indicates when the timeline event is longer than the media it holds.
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for audio-only files.
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for still-image files.
  • The Storyboard now properly recognizes L and J cuts and orders itself appropriately.
  • Added support for time stretched/compressed events hover scrub in and out point trimming, and storyboard refresh.
  • A new OFX plug-in enables you to add video stabilization to 360° video.
  • You can now set any preset of the Titles and Text media generator as the default for the Insert Subtitles from Files and Insert Subtitles from Regions functions.
  • You can now create subtitles by importing SRT files with the Insert Subtitles from files feature.
  • Video scopes can now be set to display the NITS scale for HDR work, including for 8-bit projects.
  • VEGAS now warns you if no track has been armed for recording when you start recording and enables you to specify which existing track or tracks you want to record to, or to create a new track and record to that.
  • Replacing media in the Main Storyboard timeline now updates the project timeline.
  • The user now has the ability to “pin” another video event to a motion tracked event.
  • Custom frame rates can now be set when encoding using AMD and VCE render templates in the MAGIX AVC/HEVC formats.

Bug Fixes:

  • Timeline performance problems caused by automatically updating the Main Timeline storyboard during a timeline edit have been resolved
  • The Neat Video (and other temporal effects) now works properly when placed before Pan/Crop in an event FX chain
  • MTS files now render properly at 25p or lower framerates
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template now yields the proper framerate
  • Reordering items in the storyboard no longer causes media in and out points to be reset
  • Audio recorded using Quicktime on a Macbook Air no longer get corrupted by so4compoundplug
  • The stabilization tool's Zoom parameter now properly persists through project save, close, and reload
  • The Render As dialog box no longer gets hidden off screen in a dual monitor set up which would cause the appearance of VEGAS freezing
  • And many more.

If you already have an earlier build of VEGAS Pro 16 installed, there is no need to uninstall it. Build 307 will overwrite your installation and retain your settings. Your computer will need to be online for activation after the update.

Get the update here


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Posted by Kim Sternisha