Update: Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Suite 11.3; New Denoiser II; Free Update

Magic Bullet Suite update adds the new Denoiser II- completely rewritten with better stability and quality. Free Update for existing MBSuite customers.


Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite: Powerful finishing tools for every editor in one package. Magic Bullet Suite 11 is the newest, hottest release of our definitive toolkit that brings professional tools to filmmakers everywhere. Designed by seasoned colorist and film director Stu Maschwitz, this Suite produces professional Hollywood-style results on an indie budget. Its nine essential tools let you capture the emotion of your subject, making your footage more personal and compelling.

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Magic Bullet Suite includes:

  1. Magic Bullet Colorista II – Colorista II brings the power of high-end color systems directly to your desktop. Get a revolutionary new system for professional color correction in your favorite editing applications.
  2. Magic Bullet Cosmo – Magic Bullet Cosmo is your secret weapon for perfect HD closeups, glamor shots and age reduction in onscreen talent. This easy-to-use professional tool smooths skin tones and softens blemishes in your video footage for a quick, beautiful cosmetic cleanup.
  3. Magic Bullet Frames – Take interlaced video and get the 24p look of film, right from within your editor — at high speed and high quality.
  4. Magic Bullet Grinder – Magic Bullet Grinder converts your DSLR/HDSLR video to edit-friendly formats, adds timecode, and generates editing proxies, all in a single, time-saving pass.
  5. Magic Bullet Instant HD – High-quality conversion from SD video to HD within your favorite video application. Instant HD's easy controls make it a snap to convert standard-definition clips to sharp, clear HD with outstanding results. Now Adobe CS5/64 bit compatible
  6. Magic Bullet Looks – agic Bullet Looks 2 redefines how you use color with a new interface, redesigned presets, inspiring new tools and powerful Colorista II technology. Looks 2 adds professional color finishing to a project of any budget.
  7. Magic Bullet Mojo – Mojo adds the look of a Hollywood blockbuster movie to your footage with one click, making skin tones pop while adding drama and smooth contrast to any shot.
  8. Magic Bullet PhotoLooks – Define the mood and lighting of your photos quickly and easily with new powerful imaging tools inspired by your camera. Use PhotoLooks right in Photoshop or as a stand-alone application. Choose from 100+ preset looks, or create your own. Now Available for Lightroom, Aperture
  9. Update 11.3 Adds: Magic Bullet DeNoiser II – Denoiser II smooths grain and artifacts while leaving the image details intact for great-looking professional video. From smart default settings to advanced cleaning options, Denoiser II makes sure your story is seen through the noise.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser II: Increased reliability and quality while keeping every powerful, professional feature that you liked in Denoiser 1. Choose your level of use with Denoiser II, from smart default settings that give speedy smoothing to advanced options that let you treat more difficult clips. Get great-looking results so your story is seen through the noise.

  •  Free update! Denoiser 1 and Magic Bullet Suite owners get the new version free. Download here
  •  Default settings were carefully chosen by professional editors, so you get immediate clean-up results when the plug-in is applied
  •  Extensive redevelopment and improved stability give you a more reliable denoising tool

Posted by Alicia