Update: Redshift v2.6.30 Available

Update: Redshift v2.6.30 Available

Redshift has announced that build v2.6.30 is now available and brings some great features like PSD layer support for all hosts, a multiShader asset manager update for Cinema 4D, more support for texture baking in Cinema 4D, Xgen Interactive grooming splines for Maya and much more!

Version 2.6.30

This build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, C4D, Softimage and Katana

Redshift 2.6 versions require NVidia driver version 390.65 or later (Windows), 390.25 or later (Linux) and 387.128 or later (macOS)

Release Notes

  • [Maya] Added support for XGen Interactive Grooming Splines (Windows only due to issues on Linux and macOS)
  • [Maya] Converted translation of non-instancer particle systems to a new native sphere primitive (aka ‘new particle tech’)
  • [Maya] Modified particle translation to use “velocityVector” and “angularVelocityVector” attributes rather than query velocity directly via the particle API; this provides initial support for MASH motion blur in ‘instance’ mode and allows for third-party nodes connected to instancers to provide velocity data
  • [Maya] Added visibility flags to Maya Fluids
  • [Maya] Fixed a crash caused by Maya Fluids when in IPR mode and changing the time slider
  • [Maya] Fixed an issue where Maya Fluids would not be the correct scale when rendered
  • [Maya] Fixed a crash when using a material other then RSVolume when rendering Maya Fluids
  • [Maya] Fixed bug that prevented the use of environment variables when specifying a proxy’s file path
  • [Maya] Fixed bug that resulted in lights not linked to any objects to not respect the ‘illuminate by default’ state
  • [Max] Added multi-step deformation blur support for geometry
  • [Max] Velocity channel (3ds Max 2019) is used for deformation blur if present, allowing deformation of Alembic
  • [Max] Fixed issue that causes motion blur banding artifacts with step counts higher than 2
  • [Max] Fixed issue where Render View status bar did not show rendering progress during IPR
  • [Max] Fixed installer issue where Redshift Converter script was not copied to Max installation directories
  • [Max] Workaround missing RailClone Color support by connecting default map as pass-through
  • [C4D] Added support for texture baking through BakeSets and the new Bake command.
  • [C4D] Improved the Asset Manager which now includes textures from MultiShaders.
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where indirectly referenced materials would be deleted by the Remove Unused Materials command.
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue with light/object exclusions in “Include” mode.
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where the IPR would not detect lights with animated textures.
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue with the Clear Files command in the Asset Manager.
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where a Multi-Instance could have an incorrect material assignment under certain conditions
  • [Houdini] Added support of subnets instancing, a feature that can be enabled in the RS OBJ spare parameters, instancing tab
  • [Houdini] New camera overscan options in the RS ROP node
  • [Houdini] Fixed problems with the volume transformations when the first grid available was not used by the shader
  • [Houdini] Fixed the extraction of the volume scattering tint shader if this feature is disabled 
  • [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the “instancefile” preview SOP if included inside a subnet
  • [Houdini] Automatic gamma correction of the environment and dome light shaders texture maps
  • [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the multi-thread scene extraction feature related to the automatic attributes extraction code
  • [Houdini] Fixed a rare crash related to the extraction of empty OBJ nodes from multiple threads
  • [Houdini] Support of the IPR rendering in “Manual” update mode without forcing the viewports updating
  • [Houdini] Improved support for the packed geo instancing from instancers built using block type SOPs
  • [Houdini] Improved rounding of the ROP node camera resolution overrides
  • [Houdini] Addressed a material stylesheet groups override issue
  • [Houdini] New plugin build for H17.0.416
  • [All] Fixed bug that would cause proxy point cloud per-instance user attribute data to get lost
  • [All] Fixed bug in RS Noise shader that prevented the ‘Constant’ time parameter from working
  • [All] Fixed bug that could result in RS Noise shader yielding black results when using the ‘Vertex Attribute’ coordinate mode to drive the random seed 
  • [All] Fixed crash bug related to multi-step deformation blur
  • [All] Fixed bug that could produce crashes when tessellation was enabled on meshes containing hidden polygons
  • [All] Fixed bug that could result in noisy global volume scattering when using lights with area spread
  • [All] Fixed bug that could cause a crash when processing textures with one dimension much bigger than the other
  • [All] Fixed bug that could produce visual artifacts on volume grids using color attributes (for scatter color or transmission color)
  • [All] Fixed ancient bug that could cause a visible ringing artifact when rendering hair with ‘Min Pixel Width’ enabled
  • [All] Added new AOV option to force the results to black for environment rays
  • [All] Both Altus and OptiX now use GPUs consistent with Redshift’s GPU selection. This solves related issues when launching multiple concurrent render sessions
  • [All] Added support for PSD ‘layer’ extraction from texture files, using the RS TextureSampler node

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