Update: Silhouette FX Updated to v6.1

Update: Silhouette FX Updated to v6.1

This new version adds Nuke 9+ shape enhancements, point trackers within layers, Timeline frame range and markers, and much more. Silhouette V6.1 is a free upgrade for all Silhouette V6 users.

Highlights of the new release include:

Nuke 9+ Shape Exporter Enhancements
There are a number of enhancements to the Nuke exporter for proper rendering of shapes, feathers and mocha perspective transformations in addition to increased accuracy. Also, Alpha values can be repeated in the RGB channels as an export option.

Point Trackers Within Layers
Silhouette now allows Point Trackers to be added and tracked within layers.

Timeline Frame Range
The Timeline now always shows the full session range with the work range displayed using a gray bar at the top of the Timeline. The work range can quickly be adjusted using this bar.

Timeline Markers
The Timeline context menu now has a Marker option which allows for the creation, editing or deletion of markers. Timeline Markers are a handy way of placing notes at specific points in time. Markers are displayed as light blue squares at the top of the Timeline.

MultiFrame Range Improvement
When using MultiFrame and adjusting which keyframes were affected, there was no feed-back to show if you were just tweaking the in/out point or sliding the whole range. Now, the MultiFrame range is displayed in the status bar while it is being edited.

Visual Warning for Paint > Clone > Grade/Filter Controls
The Paint > Clone > Grade and Filter controls are hidden in tabs so we have added a visual indicator in the tab if the controls have been modified.

Auto Paint > Paint History Custom In/Out Enhancement
To provide a faster way to set custom in/out points in the Auto Paint > Paint History, arrows were added to each numeric field which enter the currently parked frame when clicked.

Copy Alpha to RGBA Shape Preference
A Copy Alpha to RGBA shape preference was added.


  • Create And Select A New Project Via Scripting
  • Added a way to create a new project with a complete bundle name and then have the UI select it.
  • Shape Import Using Python
  • Shapes can now be imported using Python.

Bug Fixes
Various bugs were fixed in Silhouette V6.1. Please see the What’s New document for a comprehensive list.

For a complete list of new v6.1 features and changes, download the What's New document. You can also download software and user guides from the same location.

Silhouette V6.1 is a free upgrade for all Silhouette V6 users.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki