Update: SiNi Software Version 1.05 – Now includes Jot Notes (Beta)

Update: SiNi Software Version 1.05  – Now includes Jot Notes (Beta)

This version includes many updates, bug fixes and new features for Forensic, SiClone, IgNite, Scribe, Sculpt, Jumble, Illumi and ProxSi.

SiNI Software offers Autodesk® 3DS Max® plugins and tools focused on speed and workflow efficiency.

Updates and New Features include:

  • SiClone Sweep – Added a complete rewrite of sweep UVW mapping to allow for correct display on any shape.
  • IgNite Mini Dialogues – Added handy toolbar buttons for artists wishing to free up the display with single tool access, without needing to open the main UI.
  • IgNite Jot (BETA) – The start of our Jot tool to add notes onto 3d objects and groups. We are working to resolve text size and eligibility. Stay tuned!
  • IgNite Bulk ProxSI – Increased display performance by 500%

View the complete change list including all fixes, changes, updates and new tools here.

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Supporting 3ds Max 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (2018 in dev).
Requires an internet connection for DeSipher license manager.

Posted by Kim Sternisha