Updates: Adobe Creative Cloud 2020, Fall 2019 Release. New Videos Added

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021

At Adobe MAX, big Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 updates were announced. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new. Note: Instead of giving you videos from just Adobe, we’ve thrown in a few from some content creators.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2020: A brief overview

Create Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone: Creativity can’t be confined to a desktop and as everyone’s job becomes more creative, efficient collaboration is essential. So we unveiled new products and features that make it easy to create anywhere and collaborate seamlessly.

Explore New Frontiers: Creativity is all about trying something new, whether that’s creating in a new medium like augmented reality or learning a new technique in Photoshop. That’s why we launched new tools for creating 3D and immersive experiences as well as features that help you learn new skills.

Faster, More Powerful, and More Reliable Tools: Creative people expect their tools to be quick, super-reliable, and to make their work easier. We’re committed to meeting – and exceeding – those expectations. We unveiled dozens of performance boosts and bug fixes, along with convenient new features powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine, that take over mundane and repetitive tasks, leaving you more time to create.

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Highlights in the new Adobe release include:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 (14.0)

Auto Reframe

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Reframe applies intelligent reframing to your footage, keeping the action inside the frame for different aspect ratios such as square, vertical, and 16:9 video.

Graphics and text enhancements

The Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro has a number of text and graphics enhancements to make your titling and graphic workflows smoother.

Audio enhancements

Audio improvements in Premiere Pro include more streamlined workflows for multi-channel effects and increased range for audio gain.

Time remapping to 20,000%

Do more creatively with re-timing shots without requiring nested sequences for bigger speed changes.

Improved native format support

Premiere Pro provides robust native support and improved performance for widely used formats, like H264, HEVC, and ProRes – including ProRes HDR – on both macOS and Windows.

Export HDR content with HDR10 metadata

Apply metadata to HDR10 exports to ensure optimal display quality on HDR10-enabled devices

More drivers audited in System Compatibility report

The System Compatibility report now checks for more drivers to make sure your system is primed for editing with Premiere Pro.

Other enhancements

Learn more about other improvements in the new release, such as faster scrolling in the Media Browser, easier Media Cache management, and more.

ADobe Premiere Pro Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

What’s New in Premiere Pro CC 2020

Premiere Rush

  • Share videos directly to TikTok

Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

After Effects CC 2020 (17.0)

Preview and playback performance improvements

Preview playback is rock-solid with threading improvements and a new GPU-accelerated display system core. Get an accurate view of your designs without breaking your creative flow.

Enhanced EXR workflows

Get up to 12x faster performance when working with multi-channel EXR files. Import layered EXR files as compositions and get started composting faster.

Faster shapes

Create and edit shapes quickly with improved performance. Stay organized with more accessible grouping controls.

Graphics and text enhancements

Take advantage of new dropdown menu expression controls and text style expressions to adjust many settings at once and design templates that are easier for your clients to update in Premiere Pro.

Expression improvements

For expressions that don’t change over time, After Effects will apply them to all frames at once with up to 40% faster processing. Expressions applied to master properties are significantly faster as well.

Expanded format and better playback support

Format support includes Canon XF-HEVC plus import for two legacy formats: Animation with delta frames and MJPEG. Get improved performance for 10-bit H.265 HD/UHD, HEVC HD/UHD, and ProRes files.

Cinema 4D Lite R21

Get the latest release of C4D Lite with new features including caps and bevel tools for creating extruded text and splines. A new high-performance denoising filter improves visual quality and reduces rendering times.

Content-Aware Fill for video improvements

Remove unwanted objects faster with enhanced Content-Aware Fill, now twice as fast and uses half as much memory.

Other enhancements

Also. includes better notifications for system compatibility.

ADOBE After Effects Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

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Adobe Character Animator CC 2020 (3.0)

Animate using keyframes

Character Animator introduces keyframes. Use them to animate parameter values for behaviors over time.

Scene cameras

Scene cameras give you more control over your scenes by allowing you to set up specific shots within your scenes.

Rigging Issues panel

Identify rigging problems and get guidance to fix them.

Search filter for behaviors, tags, and triggers

The search filter in the Puppet, Properties, and Triggers panel to easily search for behaviors, tags, and triggers.

Triggerable audio

You can assign audio to a trigger and play the audio back live or during a recording by invoking the trigger.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

Adobe Character Animator 2020 Release Trailer

Audition CC 2020 (13.0)

Improved effects support

Route multichannel effects channels with full control.

Overlapped clips support

Audition now allows you to play or mute overlapping clips simultaneously.

ADOBE Creative Cloud 2020

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Cloud documents

With Photoshop now on the iPad, use cloud documents to work seamlessly across Mac, Windows, and your iPad. Your documents are saved to Adobe’s cloud as you work.

Improvements to presets

Explore new swatches, gradients, patterns, shapes, and styles effortlessly. Presets are now more intuitive to use and easier to organize.

New Object Selection tool

Use the new Object Selection tool to better automate complex selections. Simply define a region and Photoshop does the rest.

Consistent transform behavior

Proportionally transform multiple layers, regardless of the layer type, without using the Shift key.

Improved properties panel

Find even more of the controls you need in one central location. Easily change document settings, access all type layer settings, and conveniently use Quick Actions.

Smart Object to layers

Easily convert your Smart Objects back into component layers to fine-tune your designs—all in one place, without having to switch between document windows.

Enhanced Transform Warp

Get more control with the Warp tool. Add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid to transform by individual nodes or a larger selection.

Other enhancements

Check out all the new enhancements to Photoshop and learn how you can simplify and accelerate your workflow.

ADOBE Photoshop  ADOBE Creative Cloud 2020

Top 20 NEW Features & Updates EXPLAINED! – Photoshop 2020


Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 (24.0)

Path simplification

Easy and quick editing of complex paths by reducing the number of anchor points.

Auto spell-check

All spelling errors highlighted right in the document as soon as you type the text.

Background save and export

Quicksave and export of files. Now, you don’t need to wait to resume work on other tasks.

In-app troubleshooting support

Troubleshooting support right when you run into an issue while opening or saving files.

Faster and quicker effects

Faster rendering when applying Drop ShadowBlur, and Inner and Outer glow effects.

Onboarding resources

New self-serve learning resources, such as guided tutorials available within Illustrator to help you get started.

Other enhancements

Better product stability, application performance, and user experience.

ADOBE Illustrator ADOBE Creative Cloud 2020

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