Updates: RE: Vision Effects RE:Lens v1.1, DE:Flicker for Premiere Pro v1.4.6

Updates: RE: Vision Effects RE:Lens v1.1, DE:Flicker for Premiere Pro v1.4.6

DE:Flicker has been updated to try to conserve GPU memory, and RE:Lens gets a few bug fixes.

DE:Flicker for Adobe Premiere Pro v1.4.6

DE:Flicker is designed to smooth out those annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high frame rate or timelapse video.

What's new

RE:Vision Effects has released DEFlicker v1.4.6 for use within Premiere Pro.  Includes a new setting that reduces the memory requirements for GPU use and may help many of you who are using the GPU acceleration of DEFlicker within Premiere Pro.  New group of settings labeled Activate GPU.

By default DEFlicker will try to conserve GPU memory, and will generally do this without sacrificing any rendering speed. The plug-ins conserve GPU memory by only allowing Premiere Pro to render a limited amount of images at the same time (this is limited to the number of GPUs present). If you find this actually slows down rendering, or causes a hang, you should try unchecking the “Less GPU Mem” setting before turning the GPU rendering ON.

If you still get a green frame with this new GPU memory conservation setting in DEFlicker, try setting Premiere Pro's Preferences for Memory to Optimize for Memory. If you are using Lumetri with DEFlicker, see the note below. You might also try to turn off CUDA / Mercury Engine in the Export Render Controls. If that doesn't work, try pre-rendering and exporting with DEFlicker by itself, and then reimporting and continuing with your editing.

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RE:Lens v1.1.1

Use RE:Lens to straighten your curved video shot with super-wide and fisheye lenses. No more skinny legs or abnormally small heads when you don’t want them!

What's fixed

  • Superfish and ToLatLong: V1.1 introduced an issue with where images could take 10 times longer than necessary to render.
  • ToLatLong: Fixed problem when source had any transparency.
  • Fixed a problem with all plug-ins that draw a circle over the source with images that are taller than they are wide.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha