Update: UPPERCUT U-RENDER 2019.03.01 – Improvements for Live Mode

uppercut u-render 2019.03.01

UPPERCUT U-RENDER 2019.03.01 introduces major improvements for Live Mode. At the center of the improvements lies the U-RENDER Dashboard that provides granular control over how scene data is updated for rendering.


High Quality Realtime Rendering for Design, Animation and Visualization.

Based on the latest advancements in realtime rendering, U-RENDER integrates into traditional rendering pipelines and is designed to support and even replace offline CPU and GPU rendering solutions. U-RENDER is available as initial version with integration for Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

What’s new in UPPERCUT U-RENDER 2019.03.01?

uppercut u-render 2019.03.01 live modeYou can separately enable updates for:

  • Transforms (object positions, orientation and scale)
  • Camera updates
  • Light updates
  • Material updates
  • Geometry updates (object deformations, newly created geometry)
  • Instance updates
  • Render settings
  • Make sure to check out the new Dashboard. We recommend that you dock the Dashboard in your default layout so that you have immediate access to it.

Both the Standalone and the C4D Plug-in have been updated and if you are using Cinema 4D R20, you need to update both.  Older versions will not work.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha