Virtual Event: Portland Motion Designers & Animators Meetup Tonight

Portland Motion Designers & Animators meetup

The Portland Motion Designers & Animators Meetup is run by Toolfarm’s Colin Sharp and sponsored by Toolfarm.com. PMDA is a group of creatives who focus on storytelling through design and animation. They get together and talk shop and network. Do you like to concept, design, storyboard, animate, or all of the above? Do you like to use the Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Cinema 4D? Maybe you like Maya and Nuke? Bring your interests and let’s hang out.

The group meets every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Thursday, July 9, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

This is a virtual event, so it’s not limited by geography.

Register here to join the conversation!

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Maxon Cinema 4D S22 Maxon Cinema 4D S22

3D for the Whole World

Cinema 4D S22 is Maxon’s first subscription-only release giving customers early access to performance and workflow advances including UV unwrapping and editing tools, improved selection and modeling tools, organizational licensing for volume customers, and updated viewport technology with support for Metal on macOS.

Maxon has also boosted Cinema 4D’s pipeline compatibility with GLTF export, GoZ integration for Z-Brush, and support for node-based materials in FBX and Cineware.

Cinema 4D S22 is immediately available for subscription customers. Perpetual license holders of Cinema 4D will enjoy a release that will incorporate the features of S22 and much more later in the year.

Cinema 4D S22 Cinema 4D MSA Holders Offer

Try Cinema 4D for free!

Cinema 4D S22 Compatibility

Maxon Cinema S22 Compatibility – The Definitive List

We’re elated about the release of Maxon Cinema 4D S22, the first subscription-only release. But, as with any major release, the issue of compatibility comes into play. Developers are working diligently to make sure everything will work smoothly with the new S22 release.

We have put together a list of products and information to keep you informed about plug-in and product compatibility.

Maxon Cinema S22 Compatibility

Posted by Michele Yamazaki