Freebie: VisDOM VisTitle Templates for Free

Freebie: VisDOM VisTitle Templates

If you’re a VisTitle user and you’re running v2.85 or above, you can download these useful graphic design elements for free!

Free VisTitle Template Downloads:


Fast and Professional Titling Effect

Designed for EDIUS, Adobe, and AVID NLE to highlight the titling effect with numerous templates and powerful function control.

VisTitle software is based on Windows Operation System. The system of original 64-bit software (latest version) works on the basis of parallel CPU and GPU, makes full use of 64-bit computing and CPU multi-core and multi-thread, apply rendering algorithm of GPU programmable language, and maximize the computing power of current hardware. VisTitle can create 2D titles, 3D titles, and 3D stereo titles in SD, HD, and 2K or 4K resolution. It can apply high-quality real-time rendering* of broadcast-level to texts and objects rapidly with high-performance

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VisTitle Plugins PackageVisTitle Plugins Package

Advanced Plug-ins for VisTitle

These five optional advanced plugins are sold separately as VisTitle Plugins Package. 3D particles, Handwriting, Karaoke, 2D path to 3D, and, finally, 3D Chart.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki