Review: Waves Kaleidoscopes by MusicTech + Sale Info

Review: Waves Kaleidoscopes

Jono Buchanan reviews Waves Kaleidoscopes for MusicTech, giving it a 9/10 and a MusicTech Choice Award! Kaleidoscopes is a Phaser, Flanger, Chorus & Tremolo super-suite and it works with multiple DAWs and editors.

Kaleidoscopes is genuinely inspiring. Whilst it’s capable of comprehensive sonic mangling, it’s at its best when it’s thickening, interrupting, widening, and subtly enhancing your audio, bringing something worthwhile to any number of source sounds.

Read his full review at MusicTech.

Get Waves Kaleidoscopes

As with most Waves plugins, they are always on sale but the price does change from week to week.

Waves KaleidoscopesWaves Kaleidoscopes

Sale: Special pricing. Limited time offer

Your New Musical FX Partner

Meet your new musical FX partner: Waves Kaleidoscopes. It’s a Super-suite of inspiring Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Tremolo sounds, crafted from the best analog modulation studio classics. Dual Cascade engines allow you to ‘cascade’ any two effects for magical textures. Intelligent triggers respond dynamically to your playing in real-time.

Kaleidoscopes is a secret weapon to make drums, vocals, synths, and guitars move and breathe. It’s perfect to give your mixes depth, color and feel; inspirational during recording and performance.

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From equalizers, reverbs, compressors and limiters to noise reduction, surround processors, modeled analog console modules, Signature Series collections and beyond, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury bundle offers more effects, more channel components, and more mixing tools than ever before in one place.

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Over 120 plugins for SoundGrid® systems

The Pro Show bundle includes over 120 SoundGrid-compatible plugins, including the Essentials bundle, the SSL 4000 Collection, CLA Classic Compressors, JJP Analog Legends, the API Collection and more.

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