Webinar: Cebas Webinar LIVE Series Announced

Webinar: Cebas Webinar LIVE Series Announced

Cebas has announced several upcoming LIVE webinars. The first is Augusto Lombardi ‘Bubble Dance’ Effects with thinkingParticles LIVE Webinar, Friday, August 24, 2018 at 12pm PDT.

Friday August 24, 2018 at 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT

Augusto Lombardi 'Bubble Dance' Effects with thinkingParticles

Augusto Lombardi (Pixomondo Beijing/Shanghai) will be recreating a sample of the EFFECTS scene from the Guangzhou-Beijing Sci Fi 2015 film 'GONE WITH THE BULLETS', the 'bubble dance'. Augusto Lombardi won a major FX Award for his work in the movie, with Pixomondo, Beijing.

Space is limited.

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Says Augusto:
“During the years of my career I improved my own knowledge in many aspects of CGI. In the everyday production workflow, I'm in charge of many different tasks. My experiences allowed me to progress in my career and become a VFX Artist. My passion for the CGI world pushed me to overcome many obstacles, always trying to find the best solution in terms of quality, speed and innovation. I developed tools, presets and procedures that still are in the everyday productions.”

cebas thinkingParticles for 3ds Max

thinkingParticles™ is one of cebas’ flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie and games industry. Multi-Physics simulation has never been better and more advanced; fluid simulations and rigid body interactions have been optimized and resemble real world physics behaviour. Surprisingly, improving thinkingParticles simulation accuracy has no penalty and what you see is what you get with amazingly fast simulation times.

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2018 cebas LIVE Webinar Lineup

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Hristo Velev (BottleshipFX) – Hristo will guide you through a sample of the FX scene from the HK-China War movie 'Unbeatable Spirit', The Bombing (starring Bruce Willis, soon to be release this August)
Time: Pacific 10 am / Sofia, Bulgaria 8pm

Saturday October 6, 2018

David Adan (OllinVFX) – David will recreate a sample FX scene from 2017 movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 'biker missiles'.
Time: Pacific 10 am

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