Update: Telestream Wirecast 14.2 Released, M1 Support

Update: Telestream Wirecast 14.2 Released, M1 Support

Apple’s M1 Silicon chip will be a big change for developers. Learn the status of your favorite tools on the new Macs. You’ll want to ookmark this page!Telestream Wirecast 14.2 was released on April 28, 2021. It adds M1 Universal support, new placeholders and shot templates, and more! Below is a brief list of what’s new.

New & Improved in Wirecast 14.2:

  • New! Apple Universal Support – Now Wirecast runs natively on M1 Macs
  • New! Placeholders and Shot Templates: New and improved Shot Templates let you easily add a pre-configured shot layout to your document or save any shot as a Template. And assign cameras or sources to Placeholders to quickly add a source across a number of shots in your document. Especially useful for pre-configuring shots for Rendezvous guests!
  • New! Secondary Display Output (Pro-only): Adds a new type of output that sends the live program feed to a secondary display without the need for specific hardware. Great alternative for the hardware-based program out but can also be used as an alternative to Virtual Camera/Microphone when paired with a capture device.
  • New! Lock Shot Icon: Now you can take a snapshot of your live shot and save it as the icon thumbnail image.
  • New! Shot ISO indicator: You’ll see a tally indicator on shots that are currently being ISO recorded.
  • New! PTZ Control of X-Series Sony cameras: Added Sony X-Series VISCA/UDP protocol profile in the PTZ controller.
  • New! LinkedIn Live Auto-Captions support: Make your LinkedIn Live broadcasts more accessible by adding auto-generated captions to any LinkedIn Live video.
  • New! Updated the app icon to Big Sur style on macOS: It’s minor but thought we’d mention it.
  • New! Input connection selector for Blackmagic devices: This new option lets you select the type of video/audio input connection (HDMI/SDI) used for incoming Blackmagic Designs sources. This helps ensure you have the right connection chosen, to reduce errors in your incoming sources.
  • New! Audio in the Web Page source: Added the ability to adjust audio from a Web Page source as well as stream it out as part of your broadcast.

And, of course, there’s much more!

To see all of the fixes and changes, please visit the updates tab on the product page.

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