Freebie: ZBrushCoreMini 2021, Free Sculpting Tool

Freebie: ZBrushCoreMini 2021, Free Sculpting Tool

ZBrushCoreMini from Pixologic© is a free non-commercial sculpting tool for all ages. It’s easy to use and includes lots of sculpting tools. ZBrushCoreMini 2021 includes new brushes and renders turntable animations of creations. To emphasize… no cost, no ads, no subscription. In addition, it includes Scuptris Pro, which brings Digital Clay to the next level with its new tessellation system.

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Enjoy a true ZBrush experience as you take your first steps into the exciting world of digital sculpting with ZBrushCoreMini… completely free!*

Need more features? Try ZBrushCoreTM and ZBrushTM

Pixologic™ ZBrushCorePixologic™ ZBrushCore

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Pixologic ZBrushPixologic ZBrush

The All-In-One Digital Sculpting Solution Designed for the Pursuit of Art

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki