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boris fx mocha pro 2022
New: Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 Now Available
Award-Winning Planar Tracking, Rotoscoping and Object Removal

Mocha Pro is the world-renowned software for planar tracking, rotoscoping and object removal. Boris FX is proudly celebrating their 20 year anniversary of their innovative planar tracking technology with a major new release.

What's New in Mocha Pro 2022:

  • Apple M1 Support boosts speeds on new Mac hardware
  • Adobe MFR Support - AE Multi-Frame Rendering
  • VFX Platform 2021 with improved color management
  • Insert with PowerMesh: Improved workflow for warped surface compositing
  • New Planar Tracking Features deliver the highest quality tracking and roto results
  • New Exports for Nuke, Silhouette, Alembic, and Mistika.

Available as a plugin or standalone with subscription or permanent license options, with support for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and OFX host applications.

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  Maxon Cinema 4D R25
standalone products  
cinema 4d r25
3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. R25 features user interface improvements, including new modern scheme and updated icons, new layouts, and more. The Asset Browser has been updated with improved spline import for Adobe Illustrator/PDF files, while Data Import and Spline features within Scene Nodes power unique and useful toolsets via Scene Nodes, the Scene Manager and Capsules.
  Magic Bullet Suite 15
adobe after effects products compatible with adobe premiere final cut pro x products avid compatible products ofx products  
magiv bullet suite 15
Seven tools that bring intuitive, real time color correction and beyond, right to your editorial timeline. Version 15 brings compatibility and optimization for Apple Silicon-powered Macs and support for Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects. Cosmo, Mojo, Film, Renoiser now take advantage of Apple’s Metal Graphics. Available via Maxon One or Red Giant Complete Subscription Only.
  Trapcode Suite 17
adobe after effects products compatible with adobe premiere  
trapcode suite 17
11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects. Version 17 brings Form behaviors to Particular, plus upgrades to the Flocking simulation as well as improvements to system organizational capabilities in the Designer. All Trapcode tools now support Adobe’s multi-frame rendering. Available via Maxon One or Red Giant Complete Subscription Only.
  VFX Suite 2
adobe after effects products compatible with adobe premiere  
3vfx suite 2
Keying, tracking, cleanup, and visual effects compositing, right inside of After Effects. Version 2 includes the new Bang plugin, a fully procedural 3D muzzle flare generator, in addition to compatibility with Apple’s Metal Graphics API for Primatte Keyer. Available via Maxon One or Red Giant Complete Subscription Only.
  Boris Mocha Pro 2022
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boris fx mocha pro 2022
Boris FX is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mocha Pro planar tracking with a major release, adding new tools and features for advanced VFX tasks. Features new planar tracking features, new PowerMesh for warped surface compositing, and much more.
  cebas thinkingParticles 7
3ds max products  
cebas thinkingparticles 7
thinkingParticles is packed with new simulation tools and enhancements for creating advanced 100% procedural visual effects tools for 3ds Max. Including new memory handling architecture specifically optimized for modern multi-core systems.
  Plugin Play Datamosh 2
adobe after effects products  
datamosh 2
Break video files in countless fashions. Datamosh 2 brings 60+ moshing algorithms, 16x more precision, 6 new parameters and a new marker workflow. Remove frames, hijack motion and swap motion from other clips. Use it and brag to your friends.
  Script Figher SF-Caddy
adobe after effects products  
script fighter sf-caddy
Quick replacement tool for After Effects, super handy for character animation and lip-sync. Select the item that you want to replace, then, click “LOAD ITEMS”. Each click on an item in the panel will switch to the selected item and add a keyframe on the timeline.
  LookLabs Super Bundle
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looklabs speed looks
The LookLabs Super Bundle includes both SpeedLooks Complete and Digital Film Stocks (DFS) Complete, to give you all the flexibility and the tools you’ll ever need to create that prefect grade for your next project.
  VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D

adobe after effects products  
vfxer bio cell
Bio Cell for Element 3D includes numerous stylized biomedical 3D models, which include DNA, virus cells, blood cells, neurons, bacteria and other micro organisms. It’s everything you need to create organic animations.
  Reason 12
audio products standalone products  
reason 12
Create, compose, mix and finish your music - Reason will help you along the journey. Version 12 adds several new features including the all new Combinator, high resolution graphics, Mimic Creative Sampler and more.
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  in depth 3d renderers  
In Depth: Which 3D render engine is best?
Michele Terpstra | Toolfarm
All renderers render - however, they each work differently and will give different results. Here is a breakdown of what the different renderers offer so you can decide which renderer is right for you.
  free 3d model shatter pack vfxer  
Free: 3D Model Shatter Pack
Pre-fractured 3D models, which can be shattered or exploded to dramatic effect. The models are optimized for use in Video Copilot Element 3D, but can be used in other applications as well.
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