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Founded in 2013, Capturing Reality is the developer of RealityCapture, an innovative photogrammetry software solution. RealityCapture uses advanced image processing algorithms to generate ultra-realistic 3D models from regular 2D photographs. By analyzing images taken from multiple angles, RealityCapture can reconstruct precise 3D models with accurate geometry and detailed texture data.

With its ability to handle large data sets and produce high-fidelity models, RealityCapture has become an indispensable tool for industries like engineering, architecture, VFX, and gaming. Leading companies around the world rely on RealityCapture to digitize real-world objects and environments. Its automated workflow allows users without prior photogrammetry experience to quickly generate impressive 3D assets. Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, Capturing Reality continues to push the boundaries of photogrammetry with RealityCapture so users can effortlessly capture reality.

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