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5 AWESOME VFX Techniques from Josh Olufemii

5 AWESOME VFX Techniques | Episode 2 from Josh Olufemii

Josh Olufemii shows some awesome inspirational VFX pieces and explains how they were done. This is not so much a tutorial but just gives you some idea of the VFX techniques involved.

The first Parquor video is incredibly cool and it uses AI. Then he shows a Kylee Jenner video that has some gorgeous compositing and tracking.

After that, Josh shows a video from Volny.Pro with 4 scenes happening at once and the character goes from one quadrant to the next. It’s a lot of fun. I found the behind-the-scenes video that Josh mentioned. Below, check it out!

The fourth is by Mohsen Moradi and shows a surreal car crash with a tire that falls out of a plane. Finally, the last example was shot with a drone inside a subway car and it’s really incredible.

The Rush 4 | Creative Story + Behind The Scenes

Dmitry Volny explains how he made his incredible video. His own YouTube channel has some really fun work, so be sure to check it out.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki