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8 Common Audio Restoration Mistakes

8 audio restoration mistakes

Nick Messitte from iZotope explains the 8 most common audio restoration mistakes and how to avoid them.  Find out what the most common mistakes are here, and then follow the link to the full article to find out how to avoid them.

8 Common Audio Restoration Mistakes

“We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes in audio restoration. The list is geared primarily towards music operations, though post-production people may find useful tips as well. If you feel guilty of some of these, fret not: we all have been at one point or another. The important thing is to learn and move on. May this list provide one such learning opportunity!”

1. Improper labeling and management of noise-reduced files

2. Over de-noising

3. Improper use of background noise in the context of noise-reduction

4. Improper order of processing

5. Relying on broad-strokes processing

6. Failure to address issues within specific frequency regions

7. Not using software in standalone or AudioSuite modes

8. Working too quickly

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Posted by Kim Sternisha