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AE: Mind Trip – Part 1 & 2

AE: Mind Trip – Part 1 & 2

This tutorial can be found on and offers downloadable videos for viewing at your convenience as well as downloadable project files.  Click here for Mind Trip Part 1.  Click here for Mind Trip Part 2.

tunnel vision

Mind Trip Part 1

Join Eran Stern as he delves into the mind of a woman.  Follow along as he creates a tunnel vision effect by applying a few After Effects tricks such as time remapping, motion blur, blending, and color correction to footage from and This cool technique can be used on it's own or in conjunction with Part 2.


dream like

Mind Trip Part 2

In the final piece of this 2-part video tutorial, Eran reveals the secrets found in a woman's mind! Learn how to use radial blur, caustics, glow, and other tricks in After Effects to reveal a dream-like scene at the end of your tunnel vision effect. This stunning technique can also be used on its own or in conjunction with Part 1.


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Posted by Michele Yamazaki