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After Effects: Create a Space Scene in Trapcode Particular

After Effects: Create a Space Scene in Trapcode Particular

Found via CG Terminal.  Thanks for sharing.

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Tools used:

Software : After Effects CS6
Plug-ins : Trapcode Particular
Level : Advanced

Voxyde says:

“It’s fairly easy to create a nice space scene using Trapcode Particular. You just need to use blue and violet, and place your [stuff] on a nice dark gradient background, and add small particles to play the “stars” role. Now mostly anything abstract that comes out of it will fit into a space sequence.

With that being said, in the tutorial I mostly show you a way to freeze these abstract shapes generated by Particular. Using different light emitters with different settings, you can see how easy it is to generate space looking nebulas.

Of course I go over some final steps in achieveing a nice color, and some final touches that you can add to your comp to really give it a ‘refined’ feeling.”

See more of Voxyde’s tutorials here:

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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