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Andy Gibson Tutorial/Interview: Game Audio & Krotos Igniter

Andy Gibson Krotos tutorial

If you’ve enjoyed the sound in games like The Grand TourForza StreetHot Wheels ID, and For Honor, then you can thank Andy Gibson. Andy is the Lead Audio Designer at Electric Square.

Andy gives a nice tutorial Modern Vehicle Sound Design Techniques using Krotos Igniter.  Below the interview, there’s a link to an interview that he did with Krotos about his work in the video game sound design industry.

Andy Gibson Interview

Here’s a short excerpt where Andy talks about the future of gaming audio:

GranularWwise and Fmod, and triggering audio with Houdini. What I currently find exciting about game audio is that the restrictions that have always held it back are slowly going away due to faster technology, faster CPUs, more storage or memory, etc, so we can have more sounds, make it more granular, more reactive and smarter!

Dev teams working with Houdini, the art generative tool, are placing audio with art  assets simultaneously and reactively based on game data and parameters, is a smart and fast way of working and I think this will become more commonplace in the next year or two

Read the full Interview

Krotos Audio IgniterKrotos Audio Igniter

Complex Vehicle Sound Design. Simplified.

Igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle and engine sound effects with ease. Whether you work in audio post or game audio, Igniter enables you to design, perform and automate any complex vehicle behavior directly in your DAW – from sports cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, spacecraft, and other engine sounds to moving ambiances, textures, Foley or whatever sparks your imagination.

  Igniter Full Tank

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