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Autodesk Maya 2018 – Soda Can Tutorial

Autodesk Maya 2018 – Soda Can Tutorial

Modeling Workflow in Maya 2018

This is a quick overview of what's new in Maya 2018 for modeling workflow.

Maya 2018: Comprehensive Review of Modeling Improvements (No Audio)

My Oh Maya dives a bit deeper into Modeling improvements. Watch and learn. 

And some Maya 2018 Modeling Tutorials

These are somewhat arranged from most basic to most difficult but none are really too difficult. 

How to model a 3D Pillow in Maya 2018 in 5 minutes

Mike Hermes redoes an old video with Maya 2018 and you can't get much faster and easier than this!

Autodesk Maya 2018 – Soda Can Tutorial

If you're new to Maya, here's a quick tutorial to get your started on modeling a soda can.

Modeling Basics in Maya 2018

Spicer McLeroy's tutorial. 

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