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Bifrost Visual Programming Masterclass for Autodesk Maya

maya bifrost visual programing

The Maya Learning Channel has released a 2 part video on Bifrost Visual Programming. The Masterclass is taught by Marcus Nordenstam, the Bifrost Senior Product Manager. He shows users how to create a disintegration effect on production assets with UV mapping, animation, and deformation.

Note: This training uses Bifrost or later. In addition, it requires compounds from the “Rebel Pack”, separately downloadable from Bifrost.

The focus of the masterclass is visual programming, and while sections of the video are technical, the concepts should be familiar to most 3D generalists. Subsequently, the author hopes that motivated Maya artists can use this information as a stepping-stone to go beyond the built-in restrictions of Maya and achieve whatever creative purpose they desire. After all, that is just what Bifrost was created for.

Autodesk has also provided a list of the concepts covered in this masterclass:

  • Understanding and working with 3D mesh and point geometry in Bifrost, including UV coordinates and animated geometry
  • Creating and working with user-defined per-point and per-face properties
  • Design custom topology editing operations, including making all faces of a mesh disjoint/detached
  • In addition, learn about creating point clouds and meshes from scratch
  • Doing closest point queries (point-cloud lookups)
  • Creating custom compounds like points-inside-convex-mesh, or bounding-box-from-point-cloud
  • Develop your own particle solvers
  • Transporting (advecting) particles with aero sims
  • Attribute (property) transfer
  • Using noise and randomization
  • Visualizing point property values and point-cloud lookups
  • In addition, learn some techniques for troubleshooting your graphs and compounds

Course Requirements: Autodesk highly recommends that you watch the very basic Bifrost tutorials before watching this masterclass. These include tutorials at the Maya Learning Channel.

Bifrost Visual Programming Masterclass – Part 1 of 2

Bifrost Visual Programming Masterclass – Part 2 of 2

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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