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Boris FX Silhouette Paint: Getting Started Tutorial Series

silhouette paint quick start tutorial series

Go deep into Silhouette Paint with this detailed 5 part getting started tutorial series. You will learn how to choose the right motion tracker, removing objects, clone tool tricks, and more.

Getting Started with Digital Paint

Get to know the typical workflow for set extensions and clean-ups. Start from a new project, choose the right paint tools, and use Auto Paint to paint across multiple frames. Plus when you use Silhouette’s specialized tools and when traditional compositing will give you a faster result.


Digital Paint for Skin and Beauty Work

Learn how to retouch skin with natural-looking results using a variety of digital paint tools with top trick and when detail separation can save you hours of work. Get consistent results even if you’ve made tens or hundreds of paint strokes fast using the Auto Paint workflow.


Removing Objects and Logos Perfectly

Learn about Silhouette Paint’s different techniques to create seamless removals on one frame or across your footage. Find out which core digital paint tools will work best and how to paint on one frame and expand those strokes automatically to the rest of your shot.


Motion Tracking Comparison

Learn how each of these trackers works, how they differ, and which one is most useful depending on what you’re working on. Plus how to check if your tracking is good enough to use with Auto Paint.


Clone Tool Tricks

Explore the basics of cloning before seeing the unique clone features that Silhouette Paint has to offer. Learn the correct way to clone automatically across your shot and what problems you may face. Most importantly, you’ll see what to do when it all goes wrong!


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