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Boris FX Title Studio: 8 Part Sports Graphics Tutorial

boris sports graphic tutorial

This 8 part tutorial series from Boris FX walks you through the process of creating a professionally-designed and animated 3D sports interstitial graphic from scratch using Title Studio together with an Adobe Creative Cloud workflow.

Title Studio | Sports Graphics 00 | Quick Overview

Get a quick overview of the new training series — Creating Sports Graphics with Continuum.

You’ll learn how to create a professionally-designed and animated 3D sports interstitial graphic from scratch using Title Studio together with an Adobe Creative Cloud workflow. Perfect for beginners and experts alike! Includes project file. Techniques apply to all supported hosts including Avid, DaVinci Resolve, VEGAS, and more.

Download Project File


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 01 | Starting Out

Learn how to create the initial broadcast sports graphic shape inside Adobe Illustrator. Use a script to export Illustrator files faster and more easily. Add shapes into Continuum Title Studio.

Illustrator Script Thread


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 02 | Creating 3D Shapes & Extrusions

Use Title Studio and extrusions to turn 2D art into 3D models. Quickly customize the edges and bevels, place the shapes into 3D space, and tweak the animation. Explore layer deformers to twist the shapes into models with more style.


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 03 | Material library & textures

Use Title Studio to add texture to the 3D shapes. Explore the Material Library to add textures, bump maps, reflections, and transparency to objects. Then apply customization to both textures and bump maps.


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 04 | Adding decorative elements

Head back into Adobe Illustrator to create decorative elements to use inside Title Studio. Learn how to turn these elements into a 3D model and add it to the main graphic. Quickly animate in to create the final ring element.


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 05 | Light it right

Import an external 3D model directly into After Effects through Title Studio. Add lights to the entire scene to lift the animation. Learn about the different lights available and how to create dynamic animations.

The 3D model used can be found here


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 06 | Camera movement

Learn how to animate the 3D camera found in Title Studio. Title Studio features multiple camera types. Discover which one is best for the project. Plus, take a look at depth of field and other organic lens effects.


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 07 | Kick it up with filters & effects

Add eye candy to the rendered 3D model using Particle Illusion to create a quick, engaging motion background. Then dive into the Continuum Lights Unit effects to add sparkles, shine, and overall cool factor to the project using Edge Lighting and Lens Flare 3D.


Title Studio | Sports Graphics 08 | Animating an info strap

Create an information middle third to add to the finished 3D animation. Use Title Studio to create a mixture of graphical and text elements with a little help from Adobe Photoshop to create a fast flag waving effect.

Learn how to work with 2D text effects including a more complex text type on effect.

Finally, use this project in other hots that support Continuum effects, eg, Avid, Premiere Pro, and Resolve.



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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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