Realistic Burning Forest in UNDER 5 minutes!

Burning forest deep glow

Create a burning forest with Deep Glow from Plugin Everything, used in After Effects. Visual FX Pro shows you how. In the tutorial, they use pieces from Visual FX Pro packs, but this same technique can be used with your own footage or elements. See In Depth: Digital Trees and Plants for more on creating your own tree elements.

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Plugin Everything Deep GlowPlugin Everything Deep Glow

Generates a beautiful, physically accurate glow. You'll never want to touch After Effect's default glow again.

Plugin Everything Deep Glow gives you the best looking glow right out of the box, even whilst working in a non-linear color space. It features intuitive compositing controls to assist in refining your glow results. Deep Glow is also GPU accelerated for speed and features handy downsampling and quality controls which can also be leveraged to achieve unique results (grainy or stylized glows).

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Plugin Everything Everything BundlePlugin Everything Everything Bundle

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki