Burning Question: Where Can I Find Training for The Pixel Farm PFTrack & PFClean?

Burning Question: The Pixel Farm PFTrack and PFClean Training

Need The Pixel Farm PFTrack Training or PFClean Training? 

The Pixel Farm PFTrack TrainingNot only is PFTrack is an innovative 3D tracking tool, but it is also highly regarded in the VFX industry.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by real camera metrics.

The Pixel Farm PFCleanUsed by The Criterion Collections, IMAX, and National Film Archives around the world, PFClean is a non-destructive tool for film restoration and remastering.

So, there must be a lot to learn! Pixel Farm PFTrack Training, and of course PFClean training, is available to anyone who wants to learn their software.

PFAcademy – It’s FREE!

The Pixel Farm has its own training called PF Academy, where users can learn PFTrack and PFClean for free! With this resource, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be proficient with PFTrack and PFClean.

Signing up for PFAcademy for Pixel Farm PFTrack Training and PFClean Training

You’ll need a LinkedIn Account to sign in. That’s all you need!

PFAcademy How The Courses Work

You’ll need to sign in to unlock the software, not to mention, to download the course materials.

PFAcademy Adding Your Certifications To Linkedin

You can display your certifications under Licenses & Certifications to your LinkedIn account, too, which is a point often overlooked.

More Pixel Farm Training Resources

Equally important, there are some articles on Medium by Adam Hawkes that you may want to check out.

The Pixel Farm User Area – Additionally, users can get support and more resources for Pixel Farm Products in these forums.

The Pixel Farm Documentation – This section includes user guides.

Vimeo Channel – Although this may be true, most of the videos here are four to seven years old.

YouTube Channel – Consequently, there are newer videos here than on their Vimeo Channel.

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