Burning Question: How do I Make Grass in CINEMA 4D?

Burning Question: How do I Make Grass in CINEMA 4D?


Make Grass in CINEMA 4D using Hair

Chris Schmidt’s great tutorial that I learned from for a recent episode of Michele Learns C4D, Ep. 5: Sand Dunes. In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to make realistic looking grass using CINEMA 4D Hair. Read the full tutorial.

Hair Engine. Grassy Scene.

Another beautiful tutorial from Rob Redman of Pariah Studio. Although tis one is also a few years old, again, it’s still useful. Robert talks about “the importance of lights and shadows and scene scale.

Architectural Grass material in CINEMA 4D Release 15 Visualize and Studio

This tutorial comes from MAXON: “Based on the powerful Hair engine in CINEMA 4D Studio, this material makes it simple to add grass to any object, with options to adjust the length, width, density, shape and color of the grass. Building your own field of dreams has never been easier.”

CINEMA 4D Tutorial: Grass in the Wind Tutorial

Quick VFX goes over the physics behind moving grass in the wind.

CINEMA 4D: Making Objects Interact with Grass

Neal from Creative Cow uses MoDynamics to create the interaction. He lights the scene with Greyscalegorilla’s HDRI Light Kit Pro.

Create Realistic Baseball and Football Fields using Cinema 4D Grass and Density Maps – C4D Grass Texture Tutorial

Sean Frangella explains how to make some custom sports fields using Grow Grass landscape and Density Maps in Cinema 4D R15. I can’t embed it, so watch it here.

How to make Grass in Cinema 4D R13 with Vray 4 C4D

See below in the freebies to download free textures. More about Vray 4 C4D.


Free Grass Pack from C4D List

Download Free Grass Pack from C4D List – It includes few types of grass and weedy bits to make your field look ultra realistic.

Free Grass and Rock Model from The Pixel Lab

Sign up for The Pixel Lab’s newsletter to download all sorts of freebies, including this Grass and Rock Model. Want to see more from The Pixel Lab?

Free Grass Scenes and Ground Patterns

Josef Bsharah has some free ground patterns and grass scenes for you to download. Check out other CINEMA 4D tools form Josef Bsharah at Toolfarm.


Grass Kit for CINEMA 4D & VRAY

New Grass Kit for Cinema 4D & VRay from Bosko Lazovic’s Free Stuff. Here is a tutorial.

VRAY 4 C4D Free Textures

If you’re a VRAY for C4D user, you can download free grass textures including dead grass and dirty grass.


More about VRAY 4 C4D

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