Burning Question: How do I make Whip Pan Transitions?

Burning Question: How do I make Whip Pan Transitions?

Whip Pan, also called a Swish Pan, can give you a really stylish way to transition from one shot to the next or make things look like they’re shot in the same place, with a dizzying whip from one side of the room to the next, covering an edit. First I’ll show you a couple of examples.

Examples of Whip Pans

In case you need some inspirational examples…

Paul Thomas Anderson – Every Whip Pan

Damien Chazelle Jazz “Whip-Pans” in all three films

This one is super cool.

Whip Pan Tutorials

After Effects Tutorial – Whip Pan

TunnelvizionTV explains how to make a swish pan in After Effects.

SICK Premiere Pro Speed Ramp Transitions Tutorial! (How to Whip Pan & Time Remapping Whoosh Effects)

Tutorial from Justin Odisho.

How to Create a Perfect WHIP TRANSITION

Boone Loves Video explains how to do it in Premiere Pro.

Whip Pan Blurring TRANSITION EFFECT Premiere Pro

Tutvid explains it in his way.

Quick Whip Transition – Final Cut Pro X

Ryan Nangle explains how to make a quick camera pan in FCPX.

Sapphire Transitions Swish Pan

This tutorial explains how to do it in Avid, but Sapphire works in a slew of hosts.

Beginner Tutorial: Whip Cuts in Fusion 8 & Resolve

intensity digital walks you thorough the effect.

How to make Whip-Pan transitions with Vegas Pro ( Sam Kolder Matt Komo Rory Kramer Taylorcutfilms)

Tutorial by Dato Aliff Alex.

Learn more about Swish Pans

We have some older articles on Swish Pans which are mostly still pretty accurate. Things haven’t changed that much.

Swish PanIn Depth: Transitions, Part 2: The Swish Pan

The swish pan is known by many monikers: whip pan, roll pan, swipe pan, flick pan, zip pan, and whoosh are just a few. Get ready for some fun examples, instructions on how to create this cool transition, plug-ins to make the job fast and easy, and tips on improving your transitions.

This article links to several older tutorials and lots of plug-ins to do the job.

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