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Modeling a Parametric Coffered Ceiling: 3ds Max + RailClone

Modeling a Parametric Coffered Ceiling: 3ds Max + RailClone

Learn how to make a parametric coffered ceiling that allows you to define the size and position using a rectangular spline. In addition, learn to adjust the spacing between the horizontal and vertical beams. The tutorial requires RailClone Pro, currently on sale during the 2022 Black Friday Sales at Toolfarm.

Really though, this is an excuse to demonstrate the main inputs of the A2S Generator PLUS a handy macro called Segment Y Role that allows you to target bits of a 2D array that aren’t normally accessible without resorting to an expression. These parts include the intersection where the horizontal and vertical beams cross, as well as the T-Shaped intersection where they meet the sides. This tutorial is therefore useful for a very wide variety of objects, and the techniques demonstrated could also be seen as a successor to our older windows tutorial.

iToo Software.

iToo Software RailClone

iToo Software RailClone

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Autodesk 3ds Max

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