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Coremelt PaintX Digital Makeup Tutorial

coremelt paintx

This Coremelt PaintX for Final Cut Pro X tutorial shows how you can use PaintX “Digital Makeup” to add dirt, grime, or fake wounds to someone.

Coremelt PaintX Digital Makeup Tutorial – Adding Dirt or dust to a face


Coremelt PaintX

PaintX is a powerful tool to let you track paint strokes to video in FCP X. It has many uses for VFX and quick clean ups of problems in shots.

Remove blemishes in the skin, paint out unwanted objects such as power lines or antennas, apply digital makeup, or repair damaged video. In all cases, it’s as easy as drawing a stroke then hitting one button to use the powerful Academy Award-winning mocha tracker to have the paint stroke follow the movement in your video.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha