Curious Turtle Fundamentals of mocha – 05 – Rotation

Curious Turtle Fundamentals of mocha – 05 – Rotation

This is an excerpt from Curious Turtle's Fundamentals of mocha Premium, a new series of tutorials for Imagineer System's mocha family designed for those just starting out. Starting from the very basics, the course is designed to help you understand how mocha Pro and mochaAE work, and how you can get the best results out of it. The total course is 4.5 hours long, split into a total of 16 exercises.

05 – Rotation: Tracking rotation in an object can be tough, even with mocha's planar tracker.  It is made even trickier when tracking motion blur.  This exercise discusses different techniques  for getting the best track possible. When a solid track is not possible, we move to the AdjustTrack module to fix our data for the perfect match.

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Curious Turtle Fundamentals of mocha (Free)

Posted by Spencer Knuttila