DaVinci Resolve Tip: Create a Duotone Look in 2 Steps

DaVinci Resolve Tip: Create a Duotone Look in 2 Steps

Here's an excerpt from Naom Kroll's tutorial: 

The duotone color style can work really well as a more experimental look. Achieving great results only takes two very simple steps in DaVinci Resolve.

On the surface, some of the more extreme color looks appear to be complicated to execute, but in reality are actually quite simple. The duotone look certainly falls into this category, as it’s one of the quickest and easiest looks to build in just about any color software or NLE.

I used DaVinci Resolve for this particular example, but these same principles can be applied to whatever tool you’re using.

Read the Full Tutorial here: http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/davinci-resolve-tip-create-a-duotone-look-in-2-steps/

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Posted by Kim Sternisha