Dialogue Clean-Up with AAX Effects in Avid

Dialogue Clean-Up with AAX Effects in Avid

The timeline of 'Star Trek Into Darkess', 5 months before release, with all sound effects, music and dialogue.

Read an excerpt here and then follow the link to read the whole article:

AAX Is Your Friend

Before this show, I didn’t really know what AAX effects (previously RTAS) were useful for, much less how awesome they really are. They allow you to add a wide array of powerful 64-bit sound correction and enhancement effects to your entire track without having to render. Up to five AAX plug-ins can be chained together per track. When applied to dialogue tracks, you can chain together 3 AAX plug-ins that will make your dialogue much more understandable and leave more room in other frequencies for your sound effects and music.

So, to get started, you have to show the expanded audio controls in your timeline, and make your track size big enough that you see the little boxes. You can see that I have an EQ, a Compressor, and a De-Esser, in that order, on my dialogue tracks.  Let’s go through them…

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki