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PFClean Film & Video Restoration Course

Learn Film and Video Restoration in PFClean

Similar to the PFTrack course, this serves as an excellent starting point for new PFClean users. The comprehensive playlist covers the essential tasks for film and video restoration, with multiple lessons dedicated to different aspects of the application. Each section includes downloadable resources, allowing users to follow along easily.

🔑 Key features

  • Great for beginners or users new to PFClean
  • Covers the essentials for getting up and running and performing basic restoration tasks
  • It has downloadable assets for each course section users can work alongside the video.

Download footage used in this course from the video description of each video on YouTube.

What is PFClean?

PFClean, developed by The Pixel Farm Ltd, is the most widely adopted software solution for film and video restoration. Fast, flexible, non-destructive, and designed for media restoration artists who care, PFClean is a comprehensive suite of restoration tools that mask complexity and the science behind an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


Chosen and trusted by archives worldwide, PFClean’s precise manual and automated tools ensure refined processes. To explain, you won’t encounter the concern of introducing unwanted artefacts to invaluable archival film scans and tape captures.


Employing advanced tools and industry-standard workflows ensures the long-term preservation of film and tape-based media. Your safeguarding through PFClean will remain relevant now and in the years ahead.


Scale up or scale down, PFClean has the toolsets that are right for the job. Whether your endeavor involves meticulously restoring a cherished classic or a quick pass-over screener, you’ll find PFClean perfectly suited for all commercial tasks.

The Pixel Farm PFClean

The Pixel Farm PFClean

Restore, Remaster, Repurpose

The Pixel Farm PFClean makes film and video restoration fast and easy. With speed, flexibility, and an ingenious non-destructive approach to restoration, this solution provides stunning results without compromising quality. It’s no wonder PFClean is the most widely adopted software for film and video restoration – from feature films to documentaries to audiovisual archives, your films are in the best of hands.

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