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Greyscalegorilla: Lighting 3D Products with Area Light Maps

gsg area light maps tutorial

Learn how to use Greyscalegorilla Area Light Maps with HDRI Link to add texture to area lights in your favorite third-party render engine.

Lighting 3D Products with Area Light Maps

In this tutorial, Chad will show you how to use Area Light Maps and HDRI Link to light up a sleek Rolex watch. You’ll even see how to use Cinema 4D’s lighting tool to pinpoint an area light precisely where you want to.

You’ll learn to combine these tools with a few C4D tricks to help you flex your lighting game. You can quickly get creative lighting setups in seconds with this easy workflow. Just position and place your area lights as normal, then learn how to add realistic reflections with Area Light Maps.

While Chad will be using Cinema 4D and Redshift, the process is similar for Arnold, Octane, Corona, V-Ray, and other HDRI Link compatible render engines.


Area Light Maps Overview

Want to learn more about Area Light Maps? Check out the overview video below.

Texturing your area lights has never been easier. Our high-dynamic range Light Maps offer the look of professional studio lights with realistic reflections all with the responsiveness of HDRI Link.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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