Grow X-Particles With Mograph and the Proximal Shader

Grow X-Particles With Mograph and the Proximal Shader

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Munk Studios states:

“I have had problems using the proximal shader to generate or interact with x-particles in the past. This is a kind of work around using other c4d tools to compensate. You can elaborate on this set up to grow flowers or grass from anything that can be applied to a proximal shader.
note: there is some kind of priority issue with the trails in this set up which disables the spawning for some reason. The seems to be solved by putting the trails at the bottom of the object manager. Also note, this was made with x-particles 2.”

Special thanks to Lesterbanks for bringing this to our attention.  See Lester's post on this same tutorial here.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha