Improve speech and voice recordings with sonible EQ Series #gettingstarted

sonible smart:eq+ series tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how to improve badly recorded voices with the EQ+ series in a few simple steps. Products covered in this tutorial include smart:EQ+, proximity:EQ+ and entropy:EQ+.

No matter if you record singing voice or an interview partner. Often you are pressed for time and cannot get the ideal result right away. The EQ+ series by sonible helps you  to polish up voice recordings gone bad in very short time.

smart:EQ+ comes with a very handy speech mode. If activated the smart algorithm is optimized for voice recordings. In this example first a low cut is applied and the smart:band improves the rest of the frequencies fully automatic. (please note: smart:EQ+ has been updated to smart:EQ2 since the making of this tutorial, but the basic functions are the same.)

proximity:EQ+ works like a acoustic zoom. You can “pull” the sound source closer, when your mic was too far away during the recording.

To finally improve the eligibility of the speaker, entropy:EQ+ is applied. It emphasizes consonants wich are important for our brain when processing the spoken word.

Posted by Kim Sternisha