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Inspirations / Tutorials: Pixologic ZBrush SIGGRAPH 2013 Videos

Pixlologic recently posted their video archives from SIGGRAPH 2013. Learn and be inspired by fantastic talent from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Aaron Sims Company, id Software, Epic Games, Marvel Entertainment, Seth Thompson, Blizzard, Ubisoft Entertainment, Joseph Menna, and Santa Monica Studio.

zbrush siggraph 2013 recap videos

The Blizzard Team

Check out Seth Thompson, Kenson Wu, Yong Hyun Kim, and Alvaro Buendia and the making of your favorite Blizzard creatures, characters and environment pieces. Watch

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Watch Zack Petroc and Dylan Ekren detail the creative process used to create the Wreck It Ralph characters. The demo includes an invaluable discussion on design and the art of making movie characters. Watch

Epic Games

Kevin Lanning, Wyeth Johnson, Mike Kline and Mark Morgan brought some southern hospitality to Siggraph this year with their Epic Games company demo. Their presentation takes a closer look at the history of the Epic Games pipeline and the increasingly important role ZBrush plays. Watch

Marvel Entertainment

Josh Herman shows us how to ZBrush the Marvel way! With a cool tilt toward generating concept sketches using ZBrush, Josh demonstrates some new ways to create high caliber concept art. Watch

Ubisoft Entertainment

Joseph Drust was back at it again! This year, Drust took another turn under the Siggraph lights with an incredible demo on how to create a vintage chair. Watch

Santa Monica Studio

With God of War Ascension under their belt, the team performed a live multi-artist sculpt. Watch as Bryan Wynia, Patrick Murphy, James Van Den Bogart, Samuel Sharit, Katon Callaway and Dustin Blattner share their insights on game design. Watch

Pixologic Inc.

Our own Paul Gaboury, kept the ball rolling over the course of the three day event with demonstrations of the latest features inside ZBrush. Follow along and learn new ways to advance your digital sculpting skills. There’s no telling where your designs will go! Watch

Aaron Sims Company

Jared Krichevsky bashed his way through ZBrush and took a bow with a cool piece of concept art. Jared’s workflow demonstrates an interesting approach to concept art and using ZBrush for illustration. Watch

id Software

Jason Martin left the crowd thirsty for more with an awesome character demo that took everything from creating details and wrinkles to the next level. Watch as he walks us through his dynamic process. Watch

Joseph Menna

Joe Menna’s demonstration was one for the books. Clearly, the guy is at the cutting edge of what the future holds for toy designers everywhere. Dive into the art of toy design with a master. We’re just happy it’s all on tape! Watch

Seth Thompson

Seth returned for another round at the podium with a solo act! This is another intimate look at the workflow of a tremendous artist. Watch



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