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Lens Distortion: Managing and Correcting Lens Distortion with Mocha Pro

Lens Distortion: Managing and Correcting Lens Distortion with Mocha Pro

Lens Distortion is an annoying problem but can be simple to fix. Here are 2 tutorials for managing and correction lens distortion using Boris FX Mocha Pro. The first is an overview of the Mocha Pro Lens Module for identifying and managing lens distortion, by Clockwork 9 Studios Andrew Spirk. And the second shows you how to correct lens distortion and insert screens in Premiere Pro, by Surface Studios VFX artist Tobias.

Quick Tutorial: Mocha Pro Plugin Lens Module

Clockwork 9 Studios Andrew Spirk’s tutorial details many of the options found within the Lens Module, plus how to identify and work with lens distortions.

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Watch along as VFX artist Tobias from Surface Studio walks you through the steps. He shows you how to use Mocha Pro inside Adobe Premiere Pro to work with and correct lens distortion. In addition, you’ll learn how to insert a sci-fi display into a distorted wide angle shot.

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