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LookLabs SpeedLooks Complete Explained

Watch this tutorial to find out how LookLabs SpeedLooks brings the unique look of film to digital projects.

Personality, character, feel, beauty … all words we use to describe the unique look of film. LookLabs color correction technology, SpeedLooks, revolutionized the industry by bringing the unique look of film to digital projects. We are the industry leader. That’s why the world’s two largest non-linear editing companies, Adobe Premiere and Avid, both carry our suite of products opening up the world of color correction to editors everywhere.

There are two common color spaces for recording video. Rec. 709 and LOG. Log allows for maximum color manipulation in post-production. But log vary from camera to camera, no two are the same. That’s were LookLabs color science comes in. Our software is designed specifically for each camera we test. We create a unique camera patch LUT for every camera. Once that camera patch LUT is applied in a grading application or non-linear editor, the camera’s original log image is transformed into what we call VS-log or, Virtual Speed LOG. If you are recording in REC. 709 we have you covered with our Universal camera patch. It translates REC. 709 to VS LOG.



LookLabs SpeedLooks Complete

LookLabs SpeedLooks Complete

Look creation for film and video has never been easier, more creative or flexible

SpeedLooks are designed by industry professionals for cinematographers, editors and colorists to achieve the character and beauty of 35mm film, all with the click of a button. SpeedLooks works with all DSLR, Mirrorless and digital cinema cameras, as well as editing and color grading programs. SpeedLooks Complete includes our 6 main categories and all variants: Clean, Big, Blue, Gold, Matrix and Artistic. In total you get over 65 variants for one low price.

SpeedLooks Complete includes all previous releases of SpeedLooks Linear and Log as well as all camera patches for LOG video workflows.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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