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Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2 Walkthrough

masteringmix reference tutorial

Learn how to get the most value out of REFERENCE 2, the ultimate referencing tool, and get closer than ever to the sound of your favorite tracks with this walkthrough.


Mastering The Mix REFERENCE

Mastering The Mix REFERENCE

Mixing and mastering utility plugin

Using reference tracks is essential if you want to create pro-sounding music that translates well on all playback systems.

REFERENCE 2 is the ultimate referencing tool and will help you get closer than ever to the sound of your favorite tracks.

REFERENCE 2 makes matching the EQ balance, stereo width, compression, and loudness of your reference tracks simple. It does this by giving you the clear, and actionable insights you need to get your music sounding great and ready for release.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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