MAXON Cinema 4D Rock Goo

MAXON Cinema 4D Rock Goo

Greyscalegorilla created this Cinema 4D tutorial after being inspired by the work of CROWD Studio and TAVO‘s amazing animation for the ADC 93rd Annual Awards of Art.  It was originally part of a “how’d they make that?” livestream, but Greyscalegorilla decided there was plenty of info here to create a full tutorial.

See the full tutorial at Greyscalegorilla.

Part 1 Modeling the Rock

In Part 1, Chris Schmidt covers techniques for making a single volume mesh in the shape of a cluster of crystals or minerals. “Robust clean models can be made this way using some tricks with dynamics, poly reduction, and the new bevel deformer. This has a lot of potential for very different structures.”

Part 2 Modeling and Rigging the Goo

Part 2 explains several different ways to cut the geometry into 2 pieces, and create and rig a mesh that has proper goo behaviors. Chris covers joint rigging, mesh deformer, smoothing deformer, and pose morph tag.

Part 3 Lighting and Texturing

In part 3, Nick picks up where Chris left off and explains how to light, texture and animate for the final render using Light Kit Pro, Texture Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Pack, and Signal.  He also offers an editing technique “to show how to cheat your 3D move to seem longer than it is.”


Posted by Kim Sternisha