Maya Monday: Get the Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020

Autodesk Maya Bonus tools

Download the free collection, Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020 from Autodesk. This year’s release includes a plethora of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins.

New Tools in Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020

  • Create Locator at Custom Pivot Axis
  • Modify Proportional Placement Tool
  • Modify Stack / Align Objects
  • In addition, Modify Offset Transforms
  • Modify Randomize Transforms (Basic)
  • Display Enable Popup Help
  • Modeling Flatten Component (Basic)
  • Rigging Create Joint at Custom Pivot Axis
  • Rigging Create Circle Control
  • In addition, Rigging Performance Utilities -> Profile One Frame
  • Rendering Clean up Mental Ray Nodes

Updated Tools in Bonus Tools 2019/2020

  • Create Mesh Locator
  • Modify Bounding Box Scale
  • Display Poly Volume
  • Window Attribute Collection
  • Window LayoutTools Browser
  • Not only Window Scene Annotation
  • But also Modeling Curve to Ribbon Mesh
  • Modeling Curve to Tube Mesh
  • Modeling Flatten Component (Advanced)
  • UV Editing Auto Unwrap UVs Tool
  • UV Editing Align UV Shells
  • Rigging Nudge Vertex Weights
  • Rendering Assign Materials for Each Selected
  • Rendering Add Object Transparency Attribute

Get the Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020

Autodesk Maya Autodesk Maya

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Autodesk Arnold Render Autodesk Arnold Render

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki