Maya Monday: Modeling Tricks

Maya Monday: Modeling Tricks

I come from a motion graphics background however, the thing I find to be the most fun in 3D programs is modeling.

Modeling workflow in Maya 2018

If you're not a 3D artist and want to know more about what goes into modeling, start here. Autodesk quickly shows:

  • sculpting
  • quad draw
  • bridge with symmetry
  • curve warp deformer
  • circuliarize tool
  • mash
  • auto seams / unfold
  • symmetrize UVs
  • snap
  • toggling on and off checker map
  • cut and sew
  • soft selection
  • look dev
  • light editor
  • isolate selected
  • render setup

How to create complex objects in Maya 2018 fast !

Mike Hermes shows you how to create a complex object in minutes.

How to model and texture a soccer ball in maya 2017

If you're new and have never modeled anything, download a free trial of Maya or Maya Lt and start here!

More on modeling in Maya

This is an important topic so we have touched on it before.

Maya Monday: 5 Modeling Tutorials for Beginners – Model a baseball with stitching, model a hand, create a temple, model a vase, and learn to cut smooth holes.

Maya Monday: Learning to Model in Maya –  Check out this fantastic 2 part tutorial about creating a low-poly lighthouse and it is a wonderful introduction to the Modeling Toolkit in Maya. If you’re just learning Maya, definitely check this one out!

Don't want to model? Buy some pre-made models

NoneCG Horses Animated Maya v2 – Full environment with pro studio lighting and render setup for Mental Ray. Clean topology and high resolution textures (4k to 6k). Fully rigged and animated.

Don't need horses? Check out all of the models from NoneCG.

Digimation The Archive: Titanium Bundle + Model Bank Library – $6,000,000 in 3D content. Now 99.9% off.
Introducing The Archive by Digimation; the world's largest collection of high-quality 3D content. The Archive contains 16,500 of the finest 3D models available covering sixteen categories of subject matter. The Archive models use quad polygons for easy editing and fast viewport feedback, and are delivered in industry standard OBJ format making them compatible with virtually any pipeline including Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, XSI, CINEMA 4D, LightWave 3D, and any of the new breed of 2.5D products such as Photoshop CS3 Extended, Acrobat, and 3D compositors.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki