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Maya XGen and Interactive Grooming Tutorial Roundup

Maya XGen and Interactive Grooming Tutorial Roundup

Interactive Grooming with Maya

The Maya 2017 Update 3 came with new features for grooming including the clump modifier, twist brush, object collision, and cut modifier. Here’s an example of what it can do.

XGen Interactive Grooming – Overview

Maya 2017: XGen for Game Character Hair (Part 1 & 2)

Stephen Roselle at My Oh Maya gives a great overview on the topic. Read more here.

Finding your Feet with XGen – XGen for beginners

Danny Mac gives a great tutorial on working with XGen and starts with important steps before you jump into XGen.

MtoA 507 | XGen Fur with aiStandardHair

Arvid Schneider puts out another excellent tutorial for Maya and shows creation of Tiger fur but says he isn’t much of a groomer. It’s very simple and easy to jump into.

Tutorial: Realistic Hair Animation with Maya XGen

Obaida Hamdi created this tutorial on generating natural looking human hair with Maya and Xgen. This one has no voice over so you’ll have to watch carefully.

Introduction to XGEN for Cartoon Characters!

Jesus Fernandez shows some beautiful work.

CGLYO – Maya XGen Tips & Tricks #1

CGLYO has lots of tutorials on Maya XGen, so check out his YouTube Channel.

CGLYO – Realistic Ponytail HairStyle with XGen & Redshift – Part 1 & 2

Maya Interactive Xgen 互動式頭髮調整工具

This tutorial by Ann Yeh is in Chinese but if you follow along visually, it’s very good, and she answers questions to viewers in English.

Putting feathers on a Bird in Maya 2018 using Xgen

3D Splanchnic dresses a bird. The audio is a bit low but the tutorial seems really helpful.

More on Creating Hair in Maya with XGen and Interactive Grooming

XGen Learning Paths – in Autodesk Knowledge Network

Get started with XGen interactive grooming from Autodesk

XGen Interactive Grooming Tools from Autodesk

XGen Expression Editor from Autodesk

XGen Technical Documentation from Autodesk

10 tips for using Maya’s XGen in production from CG Channel

Beginners guide to: XGen pipeline for beginners by Michael Cauchi. This is a pretty deep article that talks about using XGen to create hair and some very important details on grooming. =

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